April 26-29,2018

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

China International Boat Show


Today, the world "boat" and related equipment industry, occupy a large market share, with its "big brother" -- the traditional shipbuilding industry as an equal potential. Especially the boat got some characteristics such as driving flexibility, sitting confortablely, high speed stransport. the boats is high grade consumption of waster recreation. In north America and other developed countries, normally every 15 people have a boat; The boat is a a high added value, high profit products industry for boat builders. The boat industry is labor-intensive industries.China has a good foundation to develop the industry.

China has numerous islands, rivers, lakes spread all over the country, coastline length 
18,000 km , 6500 islands, 380000 square kilometers of sea waters, more than 90,000 lakes and the Yangtze River, Pearl River, the Yellow River, Heilongjiang, four main river systems, so the water environment is favorably endowed. China has a large market demand for the boats. The public boats used for Sightseeing, recreation and aquatic sports and recreational facilities' demands grow rapidly. Private boats market has been launched.

Domestic high-speed boat market demand is prosperous and sustainable development. The needs from the customs, publicsecurity, police, fisheries, environmental protection department, agriculturre department, emergency department, government branches, public and private boating industry is raising. The purchasing power is strong. There are 910,000 boats in China. 50% of them need to beupdated. It will be a huge market demand. In order to promote the supply and demands relationship, especially Chinese has joined the WTO, Main marine countries are eager to know Chinese boat industry. In order to make the overseas boat manufacturing industry to work with Chinese users, promote Chinese boat industry to the world market, we provide a platform for visiting and purchasing boat products. With Chinese boat leadership and industry support, China boat industry & trade association, Shanghai association of shipbuilding, Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd,Shanghai Centre for Scientific & Technological Exchange with Foreign Countries jointly hold China international boat show. The boat show was held in shanghai, since 1996. The domestic and overseas friends are concerned with it. Over 1,000 domestic and overseas exhibitors show about 700 advanced boats and over 1,000 accessories and the equiptment, visitors over 100,000. The Contracts and agreements turnover amounted to nine hundred million yuan. The boat show gives the ideal place and the opportunity for the boat and accessories as well as the equipment research, the design, manufacture, repair, economy and trade cooperation , education and users, communication and discussion.

It is the largest and most famous boat show in China. Christofle Asia yacht awards granted us "best boat show in Asia" in 2005.

In addition to the establishment of a new type of creative boat design booth, we also combined with the British Royal Naval Association jointly held
International Conference on High Performance Marine Vessels. we organized new products, new technology, new material, new technology, new equipment conference and the trade fair of the boat market demands and development as well as the research. The delegation of
Taiwan boat association attended our boat show. the issue would be good for the cooperation in future.

We provide first class service for our boat circle and promise four days of exhibition 365 days service. We are delicated to establish the cooperation between Chinese and overseas clients. We hope sincerely our exhibitors and visitors get their needs on on technology, economy, trade, the cooperation, as well as the communication.

We hope sincerely that Chinese boat industry can move towards much more brilliant tomorrow! And wish 2014 China international boat show successful!